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11.01.2016. in Marketing by Brahmjot Singh
Why to go for Advertisements?

I will not say I m somebody who has done wonders in field of Marketing but yeah I have a perspective. I see great ideas everyday, but the key point is great ideas don’t work in many cases but normal ideas does. Why?

There are plenty of things but main point they focus on is Marketing. Some people still ignore it and those who do, adopt old school methods, this is not how it works. Market in such a way that people feel different about your product or service, people should connect and the best Marketing Strategy to connect is A D V E R T I S E M E N T

Why Advertisement works ?
It's simple coz advertisements create a Good Feeling about your product or service and an Emotional Appeal about your Brand. I think that is all needed to run a business or company

* People just don't respect the unbranded stuff, Brand is only when they feel it is a brand and to create that feel Advertisement play a really cute part. You will never know that now you are a brand real quick, thats how cute it is. An advertisement just lift your business to new standards, it simply makes you a BRAND and the impression depends on the advertisement campaign you planned.

* An Advertisement not only increase sales, but it bound a trust and relation with your product and service for the potential customers. People feel good to use your product or services because there is an attachment to it now. This part can be challenging, all depends on how creatively we approach.

* In simple words Advertisements fasten the process of doing business in a healthier way. In this era no one waits, people believe in just doing as early ,so don't wait because this will definitely impact.

* Video ads are considered best in Advertisements, because you just can't run a Brand without Video ads. Because this is the one which makes the most impact.

Video Advertisements
Why I need this I m running my business good?

* Just for example ,lets imagine "What if Maggi doesn't have an Video ad" , "What if movies have no trailers" , "What if Oneplus Doesn't have a Product Video" , or it's "Washing powder Nirma ad", We can't imagine these Brands exists without a Video Campaign so this reflects how important it is for company to go for Video Ads.

* It is like creating need for people to go for your brand

We can't just Advertise once and it's done, thats a really poor strategy to go for. I have seen people who spends a lot of money at the initial stage but later they left and eventually it does't work for long time, it's not a movie it's a blady Business. We can get 10X more results with same amount of money if we use it potentially. But point is how this works

What different advertisements we see today?

Everything we see is an advertisement today

* Youtube Bumper ads, Pre-roll ads or it's In-Stream ads, and now youtube is more of advertisement now days. To understand youtube ads better visit the blog below here

* Instagram/Facebook/Snapchat/Twitter/LinkedIn/Pinterest are platforms where people spend most of there time, and that is why advertising on these platforms is where opportunity stands. This just really works great for selling Products online as its now really easy to buy products directly using these platforms. You can get marketing insights for all platforms here here

* Google ads and more

According to me these things always standout for a business or startup but yeah it will very from Business to Business. These are simple things which impact for sure and in the long run

* Build a Website, but don't just build for sake of building. What's the use of website when people are not visiting it, people will only visit when they find value. What value we can provide if we put some effort we can think of it. A website represents you, take this thing seriously because this impact a lot in business world. Your website should look like a million dollar company no matter what it takes.

* Make your portfolio on all social media and start putting engaging content out there, you can put anything, there is nothing like you need to put posts related to your business. If its difficult to go with all platforms start with two of your choice, which according to you will be good for start. Today every company or CEO is just putting out all the things they do in a company, nothing is hidden .Why they do that- to engage more audience and one way they are also branding themselves and company

* Self-branding is a must in now days, people are running there business or startups by branding there own name. Putting out your company inside videos and stuff like that engage audience in a really good way
BUT BUT BUT this all doesn't work without advertisements, if it works it takes years. Advertisement just push you and your company many years a head but all are pushing, so what stands out is how we approach, if we approach as others are doing it does't impact that much but if we stand unique that it US.