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11.01.2016. in Web Development by Kanika Garg
Our Experience with First Project

Client : A BOOK AUTHOR (Amit Agarwal, wise president of Manthan System)
Duration : 3 months (Feb 2019)

What we did :
A great opportunity was knocking on our door. Once greeted, it gave us several platforms to explore.
It was a BOOK PROJECT, “The Ultimate Sales Accelerator” by Amit Agarwal. He is the Vice President of Manthan Systems and Head of International Impact Business.
It was his first book with the solution to the most exciting question “Can ONE sales strategy be applied in both Business and Life?”.

In our first meeting, he discussed his plans for book launch. Amazingly, our second meet was fruitful as he was quite impressed by our creative ideas and many more add ons (research on top selling books, famous authors, their marketing strategies etc etc). Yup we got the project.(First meeting was enough for us to know our client better).

This project was dealing with 2 companies : One is CNBC Publisher and another is VEHLE. Yup its us. We were handling the complete Marketing Campaign for this project :

  • * Advertisement (Teaser, Trailor)
  • * Marketing (Digital Marketing )
  • * Designing (Logo, Social Media Posters, Creatives for the book)
  • * Web development (Website)

We gave our 3 months to this project, full of dedication and excitement. Our friendly and understanding relationship with the client always keeps us motivated to give our best everyday. Yup, this is where we stand a bit unique from companies in our run.

We began with video part first. Our third meet ended with our client’s pleasant smile as once again he was like ‘wow’ with our script ideas for teaser and trailer of book. This is our level of creativity which makes VEHLE stand out of the flow.

Then comes shooting part, quite interesting but a bit difficult (need to woke up at 4 am). Thereafter, editing and all. First version was delivered in 2 weeks, then second version delivery and so on. Finally, Fifth version was finalized after reviewing it from around 5-6 people. Within the time duration of around 25 days we were done with video part ( includes teaser and trailer), as we deadly follow our moto :
" If you stretch out any creativity task for too long a time, most people lose steam and abandon the project "
With the delivery of Teaser and Trailer video, client was left surprised as the result was beyond his expectation. Our work raised his expectation to views in millions on you tube and book to be sell worldwide. It was a success for us too. Great moment it was.

Till now, our complete team was dedicated for video ad. Once done, there comes our multi-tasking skill into picture. By this time, we were dealing with Logo Design, Poster Design, Creatives for the book, Documentation of Marketing Strategies (includes the survey of all social media platforms for ad, ad on Amazon and much more effective strategies). And yeah, simultaneously the Book Website was also going on, based on the client’s requirements.

All the above listed tasks were met in next 1 and half month. This time was not easy for us coz we did the work but we were left with no time to implement it (when contacted, CNBC told pre-order gonna be there in next two days). It was difficult for us to accept but finally we implemented :

  • * Teaser
  • * Trailer
  • * 10 content Videos and counting
  • * Creative Thumbnails
  • * Posters for social media platforms (for marketing)

Yet, marketing part is left to be explored as book launch is delayed somewhat. And so, no outcomes (reviews on Amazon, no of books sell) till now.

But yaa, I won’t forget to mention at last that this project taught us a lot from “how to approach clients” to “how to make him happy”. I must say, It gave VEHLE, 3 years of experience in just 3 months.

Positive for effective outcomes. And looking forward for many more great great great projects on reference of this.